Tim’s Wall of Sound

Wall of Sound is another blog run by a UCE lecturer. I ask again, where are the Birmingham and Aston Uni bloggers? This one is by Tim Wall, Professor of Radio and Popular Music Studies, and the recent post I want to draw your attention to is Making money out of music: how can regional music economies remain successful:

Most major European cities have a thriving entertainment quarter where a formerly forgotten land of warehouses and rundown commercial properties has been transformed. A few minutes watching the money pass over the till tells you music is business. And back from the bars, clubs and live venues there are small recording studios, music managers, graphic designers, and equipment hire. These clusters of small businesses have become the focus of attention for departments of state, economic development agencies and city councils. They are now officially part of the ‘Cultural Industries’, and it’s argued that it’s these businesses that can make the city more attractive to live in, that can expand in the declining, low rent areas, of the city and bring them back to life, and more fundamentally that they can make money and create jobs. They are seen as part of our post industrial future.

This post acts as a preamble to his 38 page report Making Money out of Music (PDF) which expands on these themes.


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