• The current issue of clubbing newspaper Night Times, which you can pick up at ticket outlets, record shops and groovy cafes, has a very excitable article about the Que Club re-opening (previously). Not much non-clubbing news (as you’d expect) but they do have some photos of what the hall looks like now. By the gods it’s a big space. I’ve also heard, by email, that they will be doing other sorts of events including gigs and performances so it looks to be an all-round venue. More news as it emerges.
  • On his blog Stef Lewandowski lists all the things he’s involved with at the moment. Sobering reading if you think you’ve got a lot on your plate.
  • On their blog 383 talk about the work they’ve been doing for Urban Pie, a new pie restaurant in the Bull Ring which even a food ignoramus like me is intrigued by. Mmm…
  • Joe Holyoak is an architect and urban designer who’s site has been designed by Substrakt. They describe him as “very active in the political and practical arenas of architecture, conservation and urban planning, particularly in Birmingham” so his blog should be worth keeping tabs on.
  • Rich Batsford adds to the Spotted Dog debate. Good to hear the comedy shows he promoted at the Old Joint Stock Theatre sold out too.