• Blogger Hydragenic waxes lyrical about the Editors album cover. “I draw your attention to the brooding, ominous colouring, the minimal stateliness of the typeface and the spectral, otherworldly image of the gasometer, the delicacy of its filigree structure contrasting with its vast industrial blankness.”
  • Congrats to Steve and Evelyne Gerrard on the birth of their son. And congrats to everyone else who’s birthed recently. There seems to be a spate of them at the moment.
  • Nice article about Tunnel Vision from Jim of Paperjam that’s thoughtful and irreverent. “It is a bit spooky but rather than scary it is all rather dream like and really mysterious. The brief flashes of light don’t illuminate the tunnel at all and stop the eyes from adjusting to the surroundings. We amble towards the light, speculating as to what it is and what might be beyond it. I hatch a plan that we should run straight into it and see what happens on the other side.”
  • Creatives On The Move is a neat little booklet designed like a tube map to slot in your wallet put together by, I believe, the folks at Light House to show what support organizations exist in the region for the creative sort. This online version is pretty basic but does the job taking you to the relevant website and you can pick up the booklet itself all over the place.

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  1. On the Subject of Editors album covers….I reckon it was done first here:
    Of course note the terrible layout and diy style. Ha ha.

    On the subject of “Creatives on the Move” wouldn’t it be nice if Dave at Digital Central got his thumb out of his ass and approved a project that could give residents of Birmingham a similar tube style map that showed where they could find local points of interest as far as our cultural and musical heritage is concerned. A map that shows you where to find all manner of creatives Whatever next? It might even generate some form of bizarre(dare I use the word) “tourism.” At Last visitors to Birmingham won’t be stuck with a choice of “Gas Street Basin” or “Plenty of Shopping” they could go and find a great local venue, or gallery, or band, or even the place where Ozzy used to hang out or where “Editors” used to rehearse. Who knows the simple map idea may help people interested in Creatives in the region ACTUALLY find them. These people having found out what the hell is going on my even part with money to support projects run by local creatives and then the creatives concerned wouldn’t have to use their own tube style map to find people who can subsidise their struggling businesses. Easy.

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