The Machine Is Us

I’ve noticed this blog gets a bit of a traffic spike on Fridays which is not too surprising as nobody wants to work on Fridays. Well, some people do. They’re the ones who make up the other traffic spike on Mondays I guess.

So given there might be a number of hangovers about after the rather surreal Creative City Awards here’s a video for you to enjoy.

Actually, it’s a lesson disguised as a video. I’ve been meeting a lot of people who want to know what this blogging thing is and what it all means. This should hopefully illustrate the rambling nonsense I tend to spew as my answer. In short, it’s not about having a blog. It’s about being part of a bigger conversation. Don’t worry if bits of it don’t make sense (I’d have softened the HTML / XML stuff myself) and feel free to ask questions in the comments.

One Comment

  1. lovely bit of technical poetry – doesn’t so much raise new ideas as present them in a thought-provoking, artistic (although yes, at times over-techy) way.

    over-techy especially as part of the message seems to be that us cogs in the human machine don’t need to know how to code anymore, just endlessly interact.

    generally a nice bite-sized summary of the growth of 2.0.

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