• Midwest is a local online community that “seeks to be a catalyst for creative thought and action to complement the development of artistic practice within the visual arts.” To be investigated.
  • Document everything (you never know when you’re going to need it) is a guide aimed at musicians for keeping online journals of what you’re up to and why you should. While music is the obvious candidate for this what with the rabid fans I think this can be applied to all artists, especially as many do the journaling thing anyway as part of their funding criteria (right?). Don’t hide behind your fancy pants website – get the info out there. via Dubber’s Newswire
  • The MAC has Macbeth: Kill Bill Shakespeare running from July 25th – 27th. “Staying true to the original text, Macbeth’s decent into madness, his relentless pursuit of his own destruction fuelled by paranoid fantasies of power and betrayal find poignant echoes in the violent world inhabited by Taratino-esque gangsters, drug dealers and deadly assassins.”
  • The lovely Sheila Cooke Foundation in Wolverhampton is closing on August 11th. If you can, go check it out before it goes (with the added incentive of a 50% off sale). “Sadly, try as we might, there just doesn’t seem to be a big enough demand in old Wolverhampton for our little shop to survive, boo!” They provided a vibrant and independent space for Wolves-based artists so this is a sad loss. The jewellery / accessories side of the shop will continue though under the name Holly Domino.
  • Keiran from Mr Bones and The Dreamers got in touch asking if I knew of anyone who might be interested in managing them as they’re getting some label interest. I said I’d spread the word if he gave me some words to spread. So he did. “Twelve-legged indie-folk band seek management/representation. Decent live following, good recorded output, eager to move on to a different level. Contact keiran 07732092385 or via MySpace.”