Supersonic 2007 Collective Memory

An ongoing collation of mentions of Supersonic 2007 across teh internets.

[I’m going to stop actively searching for stuff now but will update this list with anything you send me or leave in the comments.]

Last odds and sods
to be updated indefinitely…

Found on Saturday

Found on Friday

Found on Thursday

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Found on Monday

Found on Sunday

** There’s a new Supersonic group on Flickr **

Google News Alert (tracking news outlets for Supersonic + Birmingham)
Google Blog Search (same but for blogs with feeds)
Technorati (more random but picks up the fringes)
Flickr photos tagged with “supersonic”
YouTube videos tagged “supersonic”

More to come. Feel free to send me links or leave them in the comments.


  1. Yup I got Toby Price (Monday, photos). I figured it was clear enough in your post that he didn’t need a credit by your link here. There’s something of an information overload in this post as it is! But thanks for the concern.

  2. Liam

    does this site only check youtube for videos because I’ve been uploading some videos to google (cos they break the size and length limits imposed by youtube) and it’d be nice if people could find them here.

  3. I just started checking YouTube on a whim. I had no idea there’d be so much video posted!

    Thanks for the Google video reminder, though I only found the Sunn0))) one (now linked above). Feel free to send me the links.

  4. Liam

    Thats the only one I’d uploaded by then got my OM ones on the go now (At Giza & Flight of the Eagle) and after that a few 1-5 minute videos of various bands so I’ll post the links when they’re all done (tomorrow morning probably)

  5. Joe Maestri

    Thx for the links!

    The weekend was well worth it for £35, i have loads of fun :)

  6. Liam

  7. thenorthernscum

    alas, 2007’s SS was for me (and a few others) a bit of a let down compared to the previous year. Maybe it was the line up? The stand outs were OM, Pharaoh Overlord, Mogwai and a few others. OM were incredible. Pharaoh Overlord were good, but their set in Bradford the night before (1hour plus) was incredible. Mogwai were just boring. Couple that with horrible queues (a reminder of last xmas’s ATP), horrific beer prices, and the rude guy ‘guarding’ the merch floor all contributed to an uneasy feeling about the whole event. Which is a shame, as I believe Capsule are doing amazing things. Maybe next year will bring a better line up, and a different approach to the problems mentioned. Cheers.

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