Garazi Gardner

A photographer name of Garazi Gardner popped into my field of vision the other day on Flickr. She’s 23, lives in Birmingham and does very sexy things with her camera.

She also appears to be connected to the band Templeton Pek, or at least has done a photoshoot for them.

More on her Flickr stream and MySpace page.


  1. Yeah, Garazi’s great.

    She was a photography student at UCE a couple of years back, and we know some of the same people — including Alana (red hair, tattoos on the left), wife of James aka ‘Spoons’ of buscast fame (now living in Australia).

    You might also like Ellie Gibbons — who’s just gone through the course and takes some sensational shots. A quick Google turns up a Fotix account.

    Julian Kilsby, who runs the course, can take some of the credit here. His site is:

  2. Garazi was one of my close friends through university! I am a photographer myself and looking at her work which seems to have exploaded into something quite brilliant the last couple of years! i can say that her photography displays every bit of her and of personality the vibrant and bold colours and subjects will always get a response and reaction and in my opinion to do that makes a great photographer! All the best Garazi sweetheart!

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