Spotted Dog update


  • Regular appreciator of loud music Russ L overviews the whole thing and throws in his couple of pennies.
  • After being repeatedly told Digbeth was not dead, Moseley councillor Martin Mullaney tours the pubs and compares them to his home stretch on the Alcester Rd. As has been pointed out already (by Russ above), he doesn’t stay in Digbeth past 9pm which is probably when it really starts going. But some good points are made.
  • The Stirrer (who in case it’s not completely clear started this whole Spotted Dog thing and whose p0wnage of the debate is beyond dispute) has rumours that a massive development in Digbeth could be under threat thanks to the new uncertainty over noise regulations.
  • Any meaningful response from the council has not, it seems, been forthcoming.
  • In a slightly related story, the Epic Skate Park in Moseley has closed, soon after it lost its entertainments license, presumably due to some noise complaints. The skating part has apparently been taken over by another company but there’s no news on it’s future as a venue / community centre. Details are a bit sketchy right now so I’ll have a report on this in a few days when it all settles down.

More as it develops.

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  1. If anyone who has the power (since I clearly don’t have) wants to post a link to my gubbins on The Stirrer thread then I wouldn’t object.

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