Kikass Opportunity

Youth charity Kikass are seeking creative submissions (virals/short film clips/animations) for What Would You Do For A Pound, over the next month, offering the best entrant contacts and work experience with top creative agencies (as well as over £2,000 of stuff like a Nintendo Wii, i-Pod Video Premiership tickets and career coaching). We’re looking for young creatives age 16-25 with the talent to produce a creative/foxy/inspiring clip on the theme of money/debt/financial challenges. And it’s for a good cause, too – part of a charity campaign to help 16-25 year olds get out of debt and avoid being the victims of predatory banks and companies. Kikass works with people and brands like Channel 4, Virgin, Levi’s and O2 and are always up for promoting new talent.

Do you know of any young creatives or students who are looking for exposure and additions to their portfolio, who might be interested?

They’re specifically targeting Birmingham at the moment so if you’re young and interested, or know someone who might be, contact Jo Worsley at or 020 7729 0092.