Rhubarb Festival of the Image

The 2007 Rhubarb-Rhubarb Festival of the Image runs from 26th – 29th July and takes place in the arts location du jour Curzon Street Station on New Canal St.

Welcome to rhubarb 2007 – open to photographers who have had at least one exhibition or publication in the last four years and absolutely understand the nature of their practice.

We say this because we want people to attend the rhubarb review when they are ready to meet the demands of the international fine art photography markets and can justify the investment necessary to attend the event.

The main draw of the festival is the portfolio review where a rather mindboggling collection of galleries, publishers, collectors and critics form around the world will be on hand to offer advice and potentially make purchases. Details of the reviewers are here including what they’re wanting to see.

As well as this there’s a Light Sale (Photography print fair, hosting some of the best local, national and international artists), Rhubarb Seminar (East meets Eastside, creative routes to trading in China and India) and Exhibitions (Profiling Midlands and International photographers).

If you’re interested in attending but don’t pass the qualifications, or just can’t afford it (£225.00 for one day, £375.00 for two days, £475.00 for three days) you can work the event.

We’d be happy for any time that volunteers can give us, as we realise that people’s free time is precious. But helping out at Rhubarb is a fantastic experience, and feedback from past volunteers can testify to that. We will feed and water you, and at the festival you will also get to meet international photographic experts, the rhubarb attendants, and generally meet like-minded people in an atmosphere of organised intensity and creative energy.

I’m quite tempted by that…


  1. matt m

    I’m volunteering, there’s a great line-up of photo people and the exhibitions are reputed to be stunning

  2. Don`t miss it! I volunteered during the festival last year; had a great time, met some fantastic people (including artists and influential contacts). This year I`m exhibiting at the festival and am about to be added to the Rhubarb Farm, the festival promises to be bigger and better than ever and Curzon St Station is the perfect venue. Hope to see you guys there!

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