A Conspiracy of Wintervals

The Winterval Conspiracy is a collection of entirely liberal musical theology. drawing on influences as diverse as classical indian, arabic, and iranian music, terry riley, mike oldfield, the divine comedy, david arnold, tangerine dream, philip glass, pink floyd, guillaume de machaut, john dresher, the residents, john mclaughlin, grand union orchestra, miles davis, vangelis, european folk music, and hildegard of bingen the attempt is to take fusion to its limits & create a musical soundworld which defies category. you may like it, or you may loathe it – the choice is yours.”

There be 18 mp3s for your right-clicky downloading pleasure which seem to be by one Simon Gray. Who that is I can’t say but I’d like to find out.

via Birmingham Alive which I’ve just discovered and will be reporting on soon.

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  1. Hi Pete

    thanks for sharing this – seeing the musical references noted above was an interesting moment. Im listening to the music now – as you might expect, very minimalist and with a somewhat abstract, spritual nature.

    Very well worth a listen.

    and Birmingham Alive looks like a useful resource as well – another welcome addition to birminghams online cultural life.


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