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Rather neatly tying in with Rootsville in the Custard Factory this weekend are a couple of art events at Ikon Eastide, the off-site gallery space run by the Ikon on Heath Mill Lane in Digbeth, just down the road from the Custard Factory.

Please Excuse Our Appearance is a two week residency where “artists from Birmingham, Mexico and the Netherlands explore their ongoing concern with architecture and its impact on everyday life. Ikon Eastside functions as an active working space for the participants and a public face for theproject in which visitors can access a changing display of drawings, photographs, notes and other documentation produced by the group as part of their research process.

The project ends on Saturday 30th and there’s a summation from 3-6pm where you can see the fruits of their research, with refreshments provided. If you can’t make that it’s open for the rest of this week from 1-5pm.

Also concluding on Saturday is Jacques Nimki’s Florilegium, otherwise known as the “field in the warehouse”. It looks a little like this:

from dead.zed

Under the title of Le Déjeuner Sue L’Herbe “the artist will serve home-made flower wine as guests recline on the meadow accompanied by a romantic soundtrack. Bring fod, drink and a blanket. Smart dress required.” The picnic starts at 7.30pm, again at Health Mill Lane.

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