Silver Footed Gig Guide

Laura’s gig listings are up. Every week the Silver Footed Gig Slut does what the local live music industry seems utterly incapable of doing and prepares a gig guide that covers all the small venues and contains links to the bands in question. And she does this off her own back for no reward. Y’all should be ashamed. The rest of us can make use of her work to see who’s playing over the next week and, critically, check out what they sound like beforehand.

For some reason I’ve been posting these on my Brumblog rather than here, which doesn’t quite make sense. So from now on they’ll go here.

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  1. This Friday at Sound Bar we will have 10 Guitars!!!!

    10 Guitars as been playing round Birmingham quite frequently lately building up a little name for himself. This time he will be driving his musical space ship through the awesome power of the Sound Bar rig with Craig Zindani back from Drum Nursery in London to sync up the beats.

    Supporting X G on for this show will be Mute Existance, The Assertions and Black Zephyr – 3 Great Bands!!!

    After X G we have all the way from Paris…..Jean Fraunz!!!! who will be playing all your favourite pop/Club Classics!!!!

    10 Guitars at Sound Bar. Fookin Mint!

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