• Over on the Iron Man Records blog Mark Badger reprints an essay from Bill Drummond, Pub back Rooms, concerning state funding and music. It’s a good read, as expected from Drummond, and I think pretty relevant to the situation in the West Midlands.
  • B:INS reports on the Tunnel Vision installation that was part of Architecture Week. “Personally I’d have preferred to get a trip all the way down the tunnel, possibly with a knowledgeable guide – coming out the other end having learnt a little more about the architecture and history of the building. Art that uses architecture as part of its context should be a little more grounded, for me anyway.”
  • The Stirrer reports that Johnnie Turpie’s TV production company Maverick, which also produces Ten4 Magazine and the West Mids division of 4 Talent has been bought by London based All3Media. Apparently it’s more about distribution and expanded opportunities than corporate absorption and they should retain their independence within the group.
  • The newly (?) revamped BBC Birmingham site profiles Jaskirt Dhaliwal who has been taking portraits of people in Bearwood as part on an ongoing project. Her photos are also on Flickr.
  • Devo at Symphony Hall on Friday was fantastic. Nothing to do with Birmingham really but I felt it worth stating. An historic occasion and no mistake. Lovely acoustics there too – other venues should take note.