Stephen Farley Spurts

Now that’s a great title.

Painting from the other side of an optical injury, Stephen Farley affirms his legacy of rekindling an extra-sensory relationship with the viewer inviting exploratory touch. Each intensively embellished work portrays a slice of translucent texture that hints at an altered perspective, giving us a unique insight into a remote but compelling viewpoint.

Titles such as ‘Angel amongst us’ and ‘Nocturnal Violation’ offer irregular compositions that are encapsulated in the direction of an overlapping and altogether organic form. Other works are adorned in shrouds of crystallised droplets that invoke the onlooker to reach out a hand as if to re-examine their own personal visual perception. By seeking to provoke an awareness of a shifted sensibility beyond the conventional picture plane, the artist bequeaths a testimony to aesthetic beauty hidden within an unfamiliar landscape.

Mon-Fri 9am-8pm
Sat 9am-5pm
June 25 until August 4
The Hanging Space, Birmingham Central Library.