Project B: Avlija

Project B: Avlija is an interesting looking art project that, like many things at the moment, falls under both the Architecture Week and New Generation Arts banners.

A trans-national collaborative public art project looking at the functionality of ornament and its transformative quality on architectural space.

Avlija is a Bosnian word that describes the enclosed garden that surrounds a traditional Bosnian house. It is a place used for socializing in the privacy of the house’s grounds. Sebilj is an Arabic word for a kiosk shaped public fountain. Project B: avlija brings together two artists:

Françoise Dupré and Myfanwy Johns, in collaboration with with Sabina Faslic, community leader with the Bosnian Cultural Centre-Midlands and the Bosnian community in Birmingham and the region.

This two-year project is to be developed in 2 stages: Stage One from 14 April to 29 June 2007, Stage Two: from July to June 2008. The first stage, avlija, leads to a large digital print and stitch installation at Block 4, 39-46 Floodgate St. The second stage outcome, Project B, is a public art/architectural structure for Architecture Week 2008 to be exhibited at the New Generation Arts Festival in 2008 and will result in a life-size sebilj, an architectural and Bosnian design influenced public structure.

The launch is on Friday 15th June from 6.30pm at 39-46 Floodgate St in Digbeth. It’s then open from 10am – 5pm until June 29th.