Let’s Start A Campaign


(Thrown together using Google Image Search and Photoshop. If someone with actual skillz in this department wants to have a go please do!)


  1. Keri Davies

    You can certainly sign me up for the campaign. Could I also namecheck the wonderful Rainbow as a venue we don’t want to see fettered by noise complaints from incomers.

  2. You’ve got my signature too.

    Let the Yuppies move on somewhere else, I’m sure there’ll be others waiting to take their place, whatever happpened to “work hard play hard” eh? they should be greatfull for all the noise, everyone else has to get night busses and taxi’s to enjoy the noise.

    And how much can they hear through the breezeblocks and double glazing anyway? Let them move out, let the prices drop and I’m sure there’ll be plenty of people, me for one who wouldn’t mind a nice little apartment down Digbeth.

  3. So, photoshop images aside, to whom do we actually complain? It appears that Clare Short is the MP for Digbeth High Street, but I imagine this would be more of a local council question. Or would it?

    Similarly, does “I come over to your ends and spend a fair bit of money in the pubs, but I’m not an actual constituent’ carry any weight?

  4. I think it’s less about directed complaining than of consciousness raising. Broad St, for example, is recognised as a zone where noise occurs late at night, so anyone buying a flat above a bar on Broad St would know up front exactly what they’re getting into (and in some cases wouldn’t be able to use it as a residence due to health restrictions).

    Digbeth isn’t recognized at an official level as an entertainment district. The reason it has become somewhere where live music occurs is because it’s cheap and has a lot of Victorian-era pubs that aren’t so busy in the evenings. I don’t know for sure but I’d imagine it’s officially designated an industrial area that’s undergoing regeneration into a learning / creative quarter, or whatever the current buzz-phrase is.

    What we need to do right now is make people aware that this is a concern so that the powers that be take this into consideration when they’re thinking about the area. Closing down a pub because it’s noisy is an easy move. Closing down a venue that brings life and money into an area is not.

    I ramble.

  5. If I want to hurt my ears i will. This new law is going to kill live music dead. Once again, the government is to PC-ing all over something worth keeping.

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