Regarding commenting on this site, it was brought to my attention that the system was requiring you to register before letting you speak. This is obviously unacceptable and I have had words with the system. You can now comment freely.

My deepest apologies for this tedious infringement on your liberty. Comment away!

(I suspect this was part of an upgrade. If you notice anything else odd do let me know.)


  1. It’s one of the things that really pisses me off about certain websites. That and really strict comment moderation. If you want a dialogue then you’ve got to be as open as possible. I can rant about this for at least 20 minutes if you let me.

    So you can imagine how embarrassing this all is…

  2. I had assumed it was an anti-spam effort of some kind.

    It’s interesting how we perceive these things. I (distantly) recall you seeming a touch puzzled when I asked if comments on Brumblog could be made open to those without a Blogger/Google password. This blog seemed far more ‘open’ to me – you had to sign up, but at least anyone could sign up…

  3. Oh, the BrumBlog thing was more that I was amazed people didn’t have a Google/Blogger account, and the lesson there was don’t assume anything.

    At least you can do more with one of those than just comment on my blog. An account here on CiB is next to useless.

  4. Good stuff, I also thought it was a deliberate anti-spam effort. It’ll be nice to be able to leave some feedback without having to setup yet another online account!

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