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One of the aims of this blog is to encourage people to stop emailing bloody Word documents around the place and to put their information online in a structured manner (ie, a blog) so it might seem something of a retrograde step to offer Created in Birmingham as an email newsletter. But I was awoken the other morning by a designer whose name I didn’t get who was asking me what this site was all about and whether it was “just on the web” or available by email. When I said it was a website and therefore on the web she seemed a little disappointed.

(By the way, I don’t mind people phoning me – my number is public for a reason – but you’d be advised to do so after lunch if you want to have a coherent conversation.)

So it got me thinking. Since most of the electronic activity in this field is still done over email and isn’t likely to change radically over the next couple of years, it would make sense to join them and work from the inside. I also am led to believe there are places, “offices” I think they are called, where access to the internet is limited based on spurious criteria put into blunt filtering software, resulting in grown adults being treated like irresponsible children.

Hence the box on the sidebar where you can enter your email address and get daily digests of what’s posted on this blog.

The rest of you who are living in the shiny future can keep subscribing to the RSS feed.