• are putting on a free gig at the Barfly on May 30th featuring Blakfish, 62pennies and Moneytree. While laudable I wonder how other promoters feel about a Council-funded project putting on free gigs?
  • Strangetime have a new single, Personality Disorder, out on 24th May and a launch-gig on the 25th at the Acrtress and Bishop. More on their blog.
  • Claire Galleries are extending their current show, Broken Edge, for a fortnight and will be having a “light lunch” on Wednesday 16th May 12.00 – 2.30pm. “The exhibition marks the 25th anniversary of computer art by Teoman Irmak, one of the very first to pioneer the art in the early 80’s.The Turkish artist, who has also produced digital art for clients as diverse as the German Pharmaceutical company Hoechst, the Royal Navy, LEGO and Marvel Comics, will be showing his recent Fine Art work alongside two other contemporary computer artists, Chris Papadopoulos and Chris Vaughan.”
  • Ten4 Magazine has a group on Facebook for those of you who are on Facebook.