Fierce: Opening Party

The Fierce Festival Opening Party is this coming Friday at the Cotton Club (previously 52 Degrees North) on Hurst St. It’s free entry but you’re asked to email them to say you’re going.

This might be part of the entertainment for the evening, put on by Gob Squad who’ll be performing their Who Are You Wearing, um, show? Is that the right word?

The red carpet entrance has always fascinated Gob Squad for its sheer entertainment and breathtaking superficiality. All the “just be yourself” glitter, phobias and self consciousness of contemporary society are flattened and compressed into a surface as thin and as vivid as the red carpet itself. The audience themselves become the stars, filmed as they arrive. The interviews are transmitted live to a large screen where the audience then watches the red carpet ritual which many of them have just experienced.

(Gob Squad’s proper performance for the festival, Kitchen: You’ve Never Had It So Good, is on at the Warwick Arts Centre on the 1st and 2nd of June.)

There’s also a cabaret hosted by Mrs Barbara Nice and free booze.