A Comic School?

Hi8tus are looking at the feasibility of setting up and running a Comic School cementing their work in supporting comic book illustration through the Stripsearch program.

It’s worth emphasizing that this is at a very early stage – the tender for the feasibility study has only just gone out – but it’s worth noting as there isn’t anything like this in this country, though it was tried in London in the late 80s and early 90s. In the US there are a number of classes and departments at colleges and schools for comic art so it’s not necessarily a pipe dream.

If anyone does take up the tender and wants some contacts for those who’ve tried it before do get in touch as I can probably help you. (Your first port of call will probably be Paul Gravett.)

Here’s the consultancy brief (PDF).


  1. Hi,
    Not sure if your concept is different from the Center For Comics School in White River Junction, VT.. I’m just in the market for a comic school and found this site..
    Good luck, in any case,

  2. jim

    I live in birmingham and would find a course like this useful, if it ever does come about let me know

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