Sunday Music Show: Das Land ohne Musik

Something a little different this week. On Saturday 16th June Einstellung and Rich Batsford will be performing at the Old Joint Stock Theatre along with a exhibition by artist Lucy Mclauchlan in a show entitled “Das Land ohne Musik” (The Land without Music).

More details follow the standard Sunday Music Show profiles.

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Ich Auch

Sleep Easy Mr Parker (edit)

Sleep Easy Mr Parker

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Rich Batsford


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Lucy Mclauchlan

Beat 13

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I’m just going to reproduce the press release in full as there’s a lot of interesting information in here.

Einstellung present “Das Land ohne Musik” (The Land without Music)
Saturday 16th June, 7.45pm
Old Joint Stock Theatre
4 Temple Row West, Birmingham, B2 5NY (map)

Tickets: £5 from box office tel: 0121 200 0946

Birmingham-based band Einstellung will present a very special show at The Old Joint Stock Theatre on Saturday 16th June 2007. Einstellung will be joined by string instruments and piano for renditions of songs from their debut LP “Wings Of Desire”.

Solo pianist Rich Batsford will perform tracks from his debut album “Valentine Court”.

Lucy Mclauchlan of Birmingham-based arts collective Beat 13 will showcase her work in the Old Joint Stock’s crush bar gallery space.

Einstellung have called the event “Das Land Ohne Musik” (translation – The Land without Music) in reference to a No 10 Downing Street on-line petition that draws attention to live music performance licensing legislation.

“We wanted to draw attention to this campaign and get people talking about the power of live music. ‘Das Land Ohne Musik’ was a phrase a used in a critique of English musical culture by Oskar Scmitz in the early 20th Century. It’s an expression that has cropped up in connection with the petition against live music licensing restrictions and we’ve found that it gets people thinking. A land without music sounds like a scary place. Although well intentioned the reality of this legislation is that all kinds of venues from schools to churches will require a license to present live music. I worry about that because live music can be a powerful thing and these restrictions might affect opportunities for the students I am teaching now”.

Campaigners claim that pubs which could previously offer work to solo musicians or duos now have to pay for a special licence and can only have 12 of these per year. Even school Xmas concerts need to be licensed. The unlicensed provision of even one musician is a potential criminal offence (although some places are exempt, including places of public religious worship, royal palaces and moving vehicles). Max penalty: £20,000 fine and six months in prison (for the proprietor and the musicians). The rationale is to prevent noise, crime and disorder, to ensure public safety, and the protection of children from harm. But broadcast entertainment, including sport and music, is exempt – no matter where, and no matter how powerfully amplified. For the first time, private performances raising money for charity will need a licence. School performances open to friends and family will need a licence – they count as public performances.

The Old Joint Stock

The Old Joint Stock, Temple Row West, unveiled its 80-seat studio theatre in October 2006 above the pub in rooms that were derelict. The new venue hosts music nights, comedy nights, one off evenings and a whole range of plays. Ian Craddock, the Theatre Manager, hopes to fill the theatre with as much variety of work as possible but stresses that the theatre can also be used for rehearsals, presentations, auditions, training days and meetings during the daytime. Ian is also keen in attracting companies from all over the UK to showcase their work in the UK’s Second City.


Einstellung released their debut album in September 2006. The band blends hypnotic Krautrock tones with industrial slabs of riffage. A 28 minute debut single “Sleep Easy Mr Parker” was performed for the first and final time as part of a 7inch Cinema night in November 2006. The band has been played by Tom Robinson on BBC Radio 6 Music and is attracting the attention of UK labels. A second album is due for release in Spring 2008.

“Sleep Easy Mr Parker” receives a world-wide digital download release on 12th May 2007. “Ich Auch” a single, from the album is available as a download via Shifty Disco Records on 24th May.

Einstellung’s mastery of sonic pop is the result of years of apprenticeship. Andrew Parker (guitar) toured with Katastrophy Wife (featuring Kat Bjelland ex-Babes in Toyland) and Steve Hough (Bass) played in the touring line-up of Godflesh.

Lucy Mclauchlan

Lucy Mclauchlan of Birmingham based arts collective Beat 13 will showcase her work in the gallery space in the Old Joint Stock’s crush bar area at the event. Her work will be on display until 24th June. Lucy has been exhibited internationally throughout Europe, Japan, California and Australia with shows in both respected art galleries and underground venues.

Recently Lucy has painted live on site specific projects for numerous galleries including;
The V&A Museum (London), Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery, Wolverhampton Art Gallery, the NOW Arts Festival (UK), Supersonic Festival (B’ham) and the Hankyu Dept Store (Japan).

Current commissions and collaborations have included; Banksy’s Pictures on Walls, Eclectic Gallery (London/Tokyo), Keep a Breast Foundation and Jamie Helwett’s Gorillaz.

Rich Batsford

The quality of Rich Batsford’s solo piano music is marking him as one of the most exciting new contemporary composer/performers in the UK. His music is complex yet accessible, structured and minimalist, melodic and harmonic, contemporary yet timeless. It successfully maintains an overall meditative and almost spiritual tone, but within that framework offers a range of powerful moods and emotions, with moments of stillness and exciting builds towards powerful crescendos. Rich’s debut album “Valentine Court” will be available shortly.