eBay To Go

Have a play with this little thing:

It’s called an eBay To Go widget and anyone can make one to display any eBay auction on any website, just as you might post a YouTube video to your MySpace page or blog. And it’s incredibly easy to make one.

Imagine you’re an artist or craftsperson who sells stuff on eBay and has their own site and/or blog. With a few clicks you can have one of these selling your stuff directly from your site. Simple and yet mildly revolutionary.

More details (from a more geeky perspective) on Techcrunch and Lifehacker. Cheers to New Musical Strategies for the link.

And if you’re new to selling your own work (as opposed to old books and CDs) on eBay, check out Antonio Gould’s podcast on the subject. Details here or just download the MP3.