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Steve Gerrard is a photographer whose name you’ll have come across if you pay attention to music photography. With 20 years experience in the music industry shooting bands and gigs he currently works freelance for Metal Hammer, NME, Rock Sound and Fused Magazine. Alongside this he’s recently set up a weddings and portraiture business, Steve Gerrard Photography.

“My aim is to give people an experience which is fun, relaxed and away from the artificial confines of a photographic studio,” Steve says. “Children especially don’t always feel comfortable stuck in a white room with bright lights flashing in their faces. I always work on location, photographing people at home or in their favourite place, using natural light and aiming to capture people’s true personalities. It’s more fun for them and it’s certainly more fun for us too.”

As someone who’s dabbled in live music photography his Rock Photo site is both inspiring and frustrating as he’s really really good. Gig photos are notoriously boring considering the effort needed to shoot in poor lighting conditions but he gets the goods. It’s also nice to see that his Rock Photo MySpace acts as a community for music photographers rather than just a promotional tool.

Alongside all this he’s also a DJ of some repute.

Steve’s Blog (MySpace)
Steve Gerard Photography (Myspace)
Rock Photo (Myspace)
DJ Steve Gerrard

Photos were screengrabbed and resized so be aware they’re not at optimum resolution.

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