It’s Just Noise

It’s Just Noise are a relatively new (to me anyway) gig promotion setup who are putting on a significant number of gigs over the next month. Based around the oft-renamed King Edward’s Inn (aka Chapter 11 / Ben Johnson) nr Aston Uni and The Planet in Wolverhampton, they appear to have a Friday night residency at the latter. Their line-ups are pretty impressive, at least from a (post)rock/metal perspective, with some quality touring bands and the cream of the locals.

Upcoming Birmingham gigs, all at the King Edward Inn, are:

Sun 22nd April: IO + Satellites + You, Me, Dominoes + Cellardoor

Tues 8th May: Beestung Lips + Ack Ack Ack + TBA

Wed 16th May: Ex Wives + TBA

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  1. Hi Pete,

    You may already know that sadly Noise Noise Allore are no more, I spoke to their bass player recently and he told me that himself and Biff have formed a new band called Bee Stung Lips, he also told me that Noise Noise Allore DIDNT record anything! What a travesty eh! Do you know if anyone ever recorded one of their gigs? I can’t believe they’ve disappeared without any evidence of their existence, sad eh?

    Best Regards

    Nick Daker

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