B-Theatre’s PILOT

The B-Theatre is a “support and development structure for new theatre practice in the West Midlands” created and co-ordinted by Simon Day. (I assume that’s this Simon Day though don’t hold me to it. [Layer: Nope, it’s a different Simon Day]) Their main show is PILOT which tours around venues in the West Mids every few months.

PILOT gives theatre-artists the chance to try out new material and an audience the opportunity to share in its development. PILOT is a place where people are free to fail, but where they often succeed in entertaining and challenging, and in showing that live theatre is still kicking strong.

The next PILOT is on Thursday April 12th at the Custard Factory Theatre and features Augusto Corrieri, Jake Oldershaw, Kindle Theatre, Search Party, Talking Birds and The Plasticine Men. More details here.

The PILOT after that is on 27 June and submissions are very welcome.


  1. Katie

    Simon Day whose Wikipedia site you link to is not the Simon Day who set up The B-Theatre and Pilot.

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