New Music Feature

One thing that I’ve been struggling with on this blog is how best to report on Birmingham’s music scene. Not only is there an astoundingly huge number of bands but I’m also unashamedly biased about which ones I like and I’m not about to spend half an hour researching some wannabe Libertines clone or whathaveyou however popular they might be.

Which isn’t a particularly conducive situation. So I’m going to try something different. Starting next week there’ll be a regular feature where three or four music acts will be briefly profiled. You’ll get a photo, brief description, links to their sites and, most importantly, one of their songs embedded into the post, rather like I did here. I won’t pass any critical judgement, just let them stand on their own merits.

I’ll probably be using the Brumcast podcast as my first port of call but I’m also open to submissions. Any bands wanting to be featured should send a photo and mp3 (or links to where they can be downloaded) along with details of their web presence to peteashton [at] The mp3 is important.

Also worth noting this doesn’t just include yer guitar based rock outfits. Any genre of music is welcome.

(For my next trick I’m going to figure out how to cover theatre…)


  1. like the embedded song idea, I’ve always struggled with ‘reading’ about music as opposed to listening to it! it can be really difficult to describe in words. it’s definitely the future of music journalism, if only the music press could somehow embed cardboard nano speakers into their paper, or something… hehe

  2. Yeah, this system of embedding music is nice and unobtrusive compared to others I’ve seen, and certainly much more effective than sending people to MySpace.

    What I really need now though is bands to feature. Suggestions welcome!

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