Rhubarb For Sale

Rhubarb Farm, the online retail wing of Rhubarb Rhubarb, are joining the New Art Birmingham event with a series of For Sale signs distributed around Hockley and Eastside.

Fine art photographers go out onto the streets for a month in Birmingham, from 14 March, in a unique exhibition which is made in the form of ‘For Sale’ boards. Up to 16 boards will be shown by tenants or building owners in Eastside or Hockley, who have chosen an image from the project web site and will have the fine art photograph on show outside their properties. All images can be bought via the internet and delivered direct to buyers.

The project aims to profile regional, European and American photographers, play on the issues of markets – and create new propositions for showcasing and selling work in a city with no showcasing venues for use by its emerging artists.

A plaque on the wall of the building, below the image, will give information about the artists, the photograph and where it can be bought. Tours of the boards will be organised for Saturday 17 and Sunday 18 March.

The press release also contains this great quote from Rhonda Wilson, Creative Director of Rhubarb-Rhubarb:

“Obviously some people will be enraged that art of this standard is outside in the street but as there is nowhere else in the city to put them, which we can afford to hire, this seems a rather brilliant opportunity to show them off. The NAB art fair in Curzon Street Station was full, so we took to the streets.”