Poppy and the Jezebels

Misty’s Big Adventure are playing a small series of gigs where they’re doing double sets, performing as many songs as possible in an hour and a half including ones from the forthcoming new album Funny Times. The Birmingham gig on March 27th at the Glee Club has support from Poppy and the Jezebels, a group consisting of four girls between 14 and 16 years old.

I’d vaguely heard of them a year ago from a friend but didn’t realise they were doing so well. After a few gigs in Birmingham they’ve been playing London of late, hanging out with real pop stars and the like. If there’s a buzz about them it’s not just the novelty schoolgirl thing – they’re actually rather good and original with a range of influences you’d imagine to be beyond their years.

I’ve long been concerned about the dearth of women on the West Midlands’ live music scene. They do exist – Kate Finch and KateGoes spring to mind – but it’s all generally very bloke-centric so the emergence of Poppy and the Jezebels can only be a good thing.

It’s also worth noting that Gareth of Misty’s appears to be using his position to pluck out interesting local bands to play with them. KateGoes have only been in existence for a little over a year but touring with Misty’s has turned them into a right proper outfit, so it’s worth using Gareth as another filter on the sprawling local music scene.

Photo by Steve Gerrard taken from their MySpace page.


  1. keith rotimi

    would dave (filipino)twist be the dad of the young drummer poppy, if so hi dave and have you got the sax mix i did for you the last time i saw and performed for one of your bands. cheers keith.

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