NAB is in Curzon St Station

I picked up a flyer for the New Art Birmingham art market on March 15-18th because it was very pretty and noticed that the venue is Curzon Street Station. If you’re not familiar with the name it’s this building in Digbeth:

Curzon St Station

While the building has a fascinating history as the first railway station linking Birmingham to London and is a striking part of the Digbeth landscape it has laid dormant for years now and access to the public has been fleeting. Occasionally it is used for events, notably the 7 Inch Cinema / Capsule shindig at Artsfest last year, but any chance to get inside has to be leapt at.

So, while the art market is bound to be well worth a visit there’s now another incentive. You’ll also get to see the petrified cat.

New Art Birmingham previously blogged here.


  1. It wouldn’t surprise me if they were involved but it does seem like the station is a bit cursed. I reckon we won’t see any concrete moves to develop it until the Big Park is finished.

    Oddly, for such an imposing building, it’s really small inside thanks to the massive staircase. That might be why no-one wants to occupy it.

  2. […] We’re particularly looking forward to the Art Market which takes place in the old Curzon Street station. As Pete Ashton points out on the Created in Birmingham blog, the venue alone is worth a visit. When it’s also packed full of vibrant new art, it’s irrresistable. […]

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  5. val betts

    My interest is that my gg grandad was manager of this place in 1901… surely the restoration of St Pancras (the other end) should have an impact on the revival of this beautiful building. I think its in peril and needs to be a focus for art and history for the city.

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