Si Peplow

Simon Peplow is an illustrator and graduate from BIAD. His clients include Surburban Bliss Clothing, Pointer Footwear, Capsule, Plan B, Lodown, Sidewalk, Ten4, Polished T, Rant, Modart, Good For Nothing, Fused and The Illustrated Ape magazine. He’s recently been invited to exhibit at the Australian design expo Semi-Permanent.

“My inspiration comes from a number of things, primarily skateboarding because it has given me the freedom to travel, observe, investigate and interact with different environments. Many of which, tend to be avoided by the general public.”

Peplow is one of the founding members of The Outcrowd, a collective of “like-minded pencil wrestlers loosely based in the Midlands” whose work can be found at the Studio 4 gallery in The Framers in the Custard Factory.

He also has a blog, City Dreamer, where he regularly posts his illustrations and cartoons and from which the the above were taken.

Hat tip to the Ten4 blog