Mark Locke

A Flatpack Film Festival spotlight.

Mark Locke

Mark Locke’s Saturday Night Takeaway, occurring at the MAC on Feb 3rd, is a retrospective of the film maker’s work from 90s comedy shorts to his current crop of music videos for the likes of Jeffrey Lewis, Ten Benson and local stars Misty’s Big Adventure.

The performance will be in a chat show format with Mark talking about his films with BBC presenter Adrian Goldberg while Misty’s perform live as the house band.

There will also be clips of Mark’s comedy feature film Crust descried by All Movie Guide thus:

“The phrase “jumbo shrimp” gains a whole new meaning in this broad comedy from the United Kingdom. Bill (Kevin McNally) is a former boxer who, now in middle age, owns and operates a run-down bar and spends a bit too much time sampling his wares. One day, Bill’s friend Hamid (Madhav Sharma), a self-styled entrepreneur with no shortage of get-rich-quick schemes, offers to cut him in on something remarkable — while the Mantis Shrimp of the Philippines, an unusual breed with club-like stumps instead of claws, rarely grows over six inches in length, he’s discovered a living specimen which is a whopping seven feet long. Hamid is certain there must be big money in exhibiting the massive crustacean, and Bill comes up with a remarkable plan — teach the critter to box, and then have it take on all comers on a TV show!”

and here’s a somewhat glowing review.

Mark’s site, Fort Mark Films, showcases his music videos. I’d particularly recommend Jeff Lewis’ Wiliamsburg Will Oldham Horror and Misty’s Fashion Parade though they’re all worth a look. The latter was something of an MTV / YouTube hit.

Tickets for the event are £4.50 and available from the MAC website. The show starts at 8.30 on Feb 3rd and runs for an hour and a half. Which should leave time to jet up to the Jug of Ale for the Known Unknowns live music and films and stuff event. That’s my plan anyway.