Flatpack Festival coming soon

The Flatpack Festival from experimental film collective 7 Inch Cinema takes place over four days over the weekend of February 1st – 4th. Full details are still forthcoming but the Saturday event run with Capsule has been announced. Known / Unknowns has six bands in two rooms of the Jug of Ale (presumably one of them is the downstairs lounge?) playing live music to films from 8pm to 2am. Plus, it says, DJs and cake!

The line-up appears to be split into metal and experimental with Threads, Army of Flying Robots and Bee Stung Lips making up the former with The Dirty Cakes, Hot Roddy and Bela Emerson doing the latter. As so often with Capsule gigs I’ve never heard of any of them which is just how I like it.

More info as it’s announced.